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Camp Hamwi In-Kind Donations

There are a few ways supporters can assist…

  1. contributing an amount of money equal to the cost of an item, specifying your donation be used for us to purchase that item
  2. buying the item and dropping it off at our office a    1100 Dennison Ave. , Cols. OH 43201
  3. Review the list of items by clicking the

    Donate To CAMP 

    Link and purchase items online at the Central Ohio Diabetes Association Camp Donation page.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 614-884-4400.

Keep checking back as this list will change each week as we have success in obtaining these items. If you have specific questions, contact chines@diabetesohio.org

Cash donation for specific items

You can either make a secure on-line donation. List the item you wish to purchase for camp in the General Comments box or…send a check made payable to Central Ohio Diabetes Association to Friends of Camp Hamwi, 1100 Dennison Ave., Columbus, OH 43201 with a note indicating the donation is to be used for a specific camp need purchase.

Gas Cards. We need at least $500 and depending on gas prices maybe even more. Any donation specified for gas cards will be much appreciated.


In-Kind Items that you can purchase and donate to the Camp Program

  • A Donation of $178 would cover rental fees for a moving truck that can used during the move up and back from camp. 

  • A Donation of $3600 would cover the rental fees for three fifteen passenger for 3 weeks. 

  • A Donation of $150 would assist in paying for the use of 1 or 2 mini vans during Red Carpet Days at Camp. 

  • A Donation of $500 would assist in purchasing gasoline for the vehicles that will be used at Camp.

Meal Donation Requests:

SPONSOR A MEAL – a company can sponsor a meal on our menu.

  1. Sponsor breakfast ($300), Lunch ($525) and dinner ($675)