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Diabetes Cost Reduction Bill

The effort continues in Ohio to pass the Diabetes Cost Reduction Bill (House Bill 100-- Schneider-Beatty Bill, and Senate Bill 45) that will guarantee private insurance coverage of diabetes supplies and self-management education.

Ohio has the third highest rate of death due to diabetes in the nation. Uncontrolled diabetes not only shortens life, it is the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease and limb amputations. Medical research proves that with tight control, these complications can be reduced by up to 76 percent. Individuals with diabetes need access to supplies and education in order to achieve tight control.

At this time, 46 other states have passed similar legislation and the U.S. Congress has already provided such coverage for Medicare recipients. The Pennsylvania legislation, passed in 1998, was based on a report from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Commission. This report, like many others of its kind, clearly outlines the cost savings to both insurance companies and taxpayers when people with diabetes have access to supplies and education.

The support of voters will make a difference to this bill. To support the effort in Ohio, please contact your Ohio senator and representative to tell them your story and ask them to support the Diabetes Cost Reduction Bill. If you would like to get involved in Ohioans for Diabetes Control, the coalition working to pass the bill, please contact Central Ohio Diabetes Association, (614) 884-4400 or 1-800-422-7946.